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The XDS beamline is an experimental station dedicated to X-ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy in the hard x-rays (5 to 30 keV) energy range. It focuses on determination of atomic, electronic and magnetic structure of materials with applications to condensed matter physics, chemistry, geosciences, among others. Several sample environments are available at XDS: high pressure cells to subject samples up to 80 GPa, magnetic field of 6 T magnet for diffraction experiments, cryostat for temperatures as low as 1.8 K, furnaces for temperatures up to 1200 K.

The X-ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy (XDS) beamline uses the radiation emitted by the Superconducting Wiggler source and is employed for multipurpose experiments. Some of the diffraction experiments demand control of the horizontal divergence, only achievable with sagittal focusing in a double crystal monochromator. On the other hand, the use of flat crystals and focusing with a toroidal mirror was considered to be the best choice for XAS measurements. These apparently contradictory requirements from the diffraction and absorption community led us to introduce a flexible configuration for this beamline. According to this concept, the beamline operates with a collimating mirror with bender (with Si, Rh and Pt stripes), a double crystal monochromator (DCM) with two interchangeable sets of crystals [plane Si(111), sagittal Si(111) and plane Si(311)], and a focusing mirror with three stripes (toroidal Rh, plane Rh and toroidal Pt) and a bending mechanism to allow for focus adjustments.


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Coordinator: Narcizo M. Souza Neto
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Coordinator Telephone: +55 19 3512 3516


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SOURCEInsertion DeviceInsertion Device W09A, 4T Superconducting Wiggler, 1.28 x 0.023 m$ ^2$
M1Cylindrical Vertical Collimating Mirror11Si, Rh and Pt coated stripes, $ \theta$=2.75 mrad
MonoDouble Crystal Monochromator13.5Cryo-cooled flat Si(111) and Si(311) pairs; Si(111) with sagital bending
M2Cylindrical and Toroidal Focusing Mirror16Rh and Pt coated, $ \theta$=2.75 mrad, bending mechanism for vertical focusing, toroidal stripes for horizontal focusing, flat Rh stripe for use with sagittal focusing or unfocus mode


ParameterValueObs. | Condition
Energy range [keV]5 - 30Si(111) and Si(311)
Energy resolution [$ \Delta$E/E]$ 10^{-4}$Si(111)
Energy resolution [$ \Delta$E/E]$ 10^{-5}$Si(311)
Beam size at sample [$ \mu \rm m^{2}$, FWHM]1400 x 300at 10 keV
Beam divergence at sample [$ \rm mrad^{2}$, FWHM]2.5 x 0.4at 10 keV
Flux density at sample [ph/s/$ \rm mm^{2}$]$ 5 \times 10 ^{12}$at 10 keV


DetectorAreaPilatus 300KArea 83.8 × 106.5 $ \rm mm^{2}$. Pixel size: 172 x 172 $ \mu \rm m^{2}$, 1kHz frame rate.Dectris
DetectorFluorescenceSiLi 12 element-PGT
DetectorAreaMarCCD 225-Rayonix
FurnaceCapillaryHTK 1200NMax Temp.: 1200ºC, Temp Rate: 50°C/minAnton Paar
Diffractometer6+2 circle-6 circle diffractometerHuber
Sample CellHigh pressure Diamond anvil cell Membrane and screw drivenCan reach up to 80 GPaLNLS in-house development, Syntek, Princeton
CryostatsJT CryostatMinimum temp.:1.2 KClosed loop cryostatA S Scientific
MagnetSC cryo-free6 T HTS-11Superconducting magnetHTS 110


All beamline controls are done through SPEC software.


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XDS: Visão Geral / Overview

Visão geral da cabana experimental da Linha de Luz XDS mostrando algumas das configurações experimentais.

Overview of the XDS experimental hutch showing some of the experimental setups.

XDS: Célula de Bigorna de Diamantes / Diamond Anvil Cell

Célula de bigorna de diamantes sendo iluminada por sistema de medida de luminescência de rubi para experimentos de difração de raios X em condições de altas pressões.

Diamond Anvil Cell illuminated by ruby luminescence measurement system for X-ray diffraction experiments at high pressure conditions .