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TOLENTINO, H. C. N.; RAMOS,  A. Y.; ALVES, M. C. M.; BARREA, R. A.; TAMURA, E. ; CEZAR, J. C.; WATANABE, N. A 2.3 to 25 KeV XAS beamline at LNLS. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 8: 1040-6 (2001). doi:10.1107/S0909049501005143.


The LNLS XAS beamline has been operating for external users since July 1997. Many facilities and improvements have been progressively added to it, extending the range of applications. Here, a technical description of the main beamline components is given, and results concerning important points, such as available flux at low and high energies, harmonic contamination, energy resolution and stability, are presented. Some key results are given to demonstrate the beamline performance and limitations. It is shown that the beamline can cover a large energy range, starting from the rather low energy of 2.3 keV up to 25 keV.

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A.Y. RAMOS, H. TOLENTINO, M.C.M. ALVES. Energy Resolution at LNLS-XAS beam line LNLS Technical Memorando Met-01/00 , Campinas, p1-8, 2000. Clique aqui para Download.


We recall here the main parameters determining the energy resolution in an XAS measurement and the experimental characteristics of the LNLS-XAS beam line necessary to a correct evaluation ofthis resolution. The XAS beam line has been designed to be used from 2.5 up to 24 keV. At low energy (<6keV) all terms contributing to resolution are of the same order. Above 6keV the resolution is principally limited by the divergence of the beam for K-edge measurements and by the core level width for L-edge ones.


RAMOS, A.Y., TOLENTINO, H., BARREA, R., ALVES, M.C.M. Harmonic contamination for Si(111) monochromator at the XAS beam line – up to August 1999. LNLS Technical Memorando Met-01/99 , Campinas, p1-4, 1999. Clique aqui para Download.


An experimental measurement of the harmonic contamination for low energy transmission measurements with Si(111) channel-cut monochromator on the XAS beam line is reported. The ratio of flux due to the third order harmonic, measured with air-filled ion chamber is less than 0.1%, for energies above 4300eV and less than 1% for energies above 3900eV. Below 3900eV the harmonic contamination increases strongly and reaches values greater than10% below 3500eV.


TOLENTINO, H., CEZAR, J. C., CRUZ, D. Z., COMPAGNON-CAILHOL, V., TAMURA, E. & MARTINS ALVES, M. C.(1998). J. Synchrotron Rad. 5, 521-523. doi:10.1107/S0909049597015264.


An X-ray absorption fine-structure spectroscopy beamline has been installed and commissioned at a bending-magnet source at LNLS. Three monochromators are available: a channel-cut, a double-crystal and a four-crystal set-up. They have been operated from 2500 up to 15000 eV, with a resolving power better than 5500 in the full range. Photon flux of the order of 10^8 photons s^{-1} up to 10^{10} photons s^{-1} has been attained. The experimental station is equipped with a table that can withstand a weight of 300 kg and track the vertical position of the beam with a 2.5 µm accuracy over a 120 mm stroke. The beamline has been fully characterized and the first results are presented.