New commissioning stage of Imbuia beamline allows the use of advanced infrared spectroscopy techniques at micro and nano scales

CARNAÚBA’s experimental station has detectors for simultaneous X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction, X-ray excited optical luminescence and X-ray ptychography techniques, and is operating, during commissioning phase, from 6.4 keV to 14 keV

First 3D imaging experiments at Sirius were performed using ptychographic nanotomography

This call for proposals intends to supply beamtime for the users during the beamline commissioning period

Study elucidates unprecedented processes of herbivore metabolism involved in the efficient degradation of plant fibers

Paper presents multiscale (nano-micro) FTIR analysis applied to the investigation of the chemical processes in Li-Air batteries

Paper presents microfabrication and characterization of a multifunctional device suitable for the combination of X-ray analytical techniques

A prototype developed at CNPEM used sophisticated resources to assess device efficiency

Registrations are open until 30 May.

The submission of abstracts is until 9 May.