Leader: Cristiane Barbieri Rodella

Number: +55 19 3512 1040

E-mail: cristiane.rodella@lnls.br

The XPD Group is responsible for managing and operating the XPD Beamline dedicated to Powder X-ray Diffraction and the XRD1 Beamline dedicated to X-ray Powder Diffraction in the current UVX synchrotron light source of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS).

The team of researchers and technicians are responsible for assembling the instrumentation necessary for performing the experiments. They are responsible for advising users in the operation of the equipment, collection of data and processing of the data obtained in the beamlines.


The XPD beamline is an experimental station dedicated to Powder X-ray Diffraction analysis and operates from 6 to 12 keV. However, the energy is set at 8keV (for maximum flux) and it is only changed to perform anomalous scattering experiments or to eliminate the effect of fluorescence for samples containing specific elements, such as Fe, Cu and Co. The beamline focuses on the structural studies of crystalline and nanocrystalline materials and it is able to perform both high resolution and faster in-situ experiments under non-ambient conditions.



The XRD1 beamline is an experimental station dedicated to X-ray powder diffraction analysis in the hard x-rays (5.5 to 14 keV) energy range. It focus on the determination of structural parameters of polycrystalline samples, with applications to physics, chemistry, materials science, materials engineering, environmental and geosciences, pharmacy, biology. It is also possible to study the samples in a large range of temperatures (100 – 1070 K).



Name Position
Amanda Iglessias FerreiraTechnician
Andre Navarro de MirandaGraduate Student
Bruno Guilherme Aguiar FreitasGraduate Student
Cristiane Barbieri RodellaResearcher, Leader
Dean Howard BarrettResearcher
Flavia Regina EstradaResearcher
Leticia Frigerio CremascoGraduate Student
Luiz Gustavo de Freitas BorgesGraduate Student
Vanessa Karoline da SilvaScientific Associate