Leader: Narcizo M. Souza Neto
Email: narcizo.souza@lnls.br
Telephone: +55 19 3512 3516

Beamline Email: N/A
Beamline Telephone: N/A

The XDS Beamline Group is responsible for managing and operating the XDS Beamline dedicated to X-ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy in the current UVX synchrotron light source of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS).

The team of researchers and technicians are responsible for assembling the instrumentation necessary for performing the experiments. They are responsible for advising users in the operation of the equipment, collection and processing of the data obtained in the XDS beamline.


The XDS beamline is an experimental station dedicated to X-ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy in the hard x-rays (5 to 30 keV) energy range. It focuses on determination of atomic, electronic and magnetic structure of materials with applications to condensed matter physics, chemistry, geosciences, among others. Several sample environments are available at XDS: high pressure cells to subject samples up to 80 GPa, magnetic field of 6 T magnet for diffraction experiments, cryostat for temperatures as low as 1.8 K, furnaces for temperatures up to 1200 K.



Name Position TelephoneEmailCV
Narcizo Marques de Souza NetoResearcher, Leader+55 19 3512 1051narcizo.souza@lnls.br
Andira Nurrielli de Oliveira CostaMaster Student
Carlos Augusto Escanhoela JuniorPost-Doc Fellow
Danusa do CarmoPost-Doc Fellow
Elijah Anertey AbbeyMaster Student
Fabio Machado ArditoResearcher
Jairo Fonseca JuniorScientific Associate
Kelin Regina TascaResearcher
Marcos Antonio da Silva EleoterioScientific Associate
Ricardo Donizeth dos ReisResearcher
Ulisses Ferreira KanekoPost-Doc Fellow