Leader: Lucas Sanfelici

Number: +55 19 3512 1153

E-mail: lucas.sanfelici@lnls.br

The Beamline Engineering Group (SIL) function is to offer a wide variety of engineering services necessary for the operation and development of the facilities under the Scientific Division: beamlines and laboratories.

Among the services offered is the development of mechatronic components and systems, mechanical designs, alignment of beamline components, mechanical metrology, maintenance of mechanical systems, infrastructure of new facilities and equipment.

The SIL group also works together with other groups to offer integrated and functional designs. The group also manages a general assembly and test room, an assembly clean room, a mechanical metrology laboratory equipped for assembling and testing of components and systems, ensuring accordance to the specification.


Name Position
Alain Valentim PernaScientific Associate
Andre Luis MalandrinTechnician
Andre Silva RochaTechnician
Cassiano Sergio Noventa CorreaScientific Associate
Daniel ModestoTechnician
Erik Olivi PereiraTechnician
Francisco Pereira de FigueiredoTechnician
Gabriel Barros Zanoni Lopes MorenoScientific Associate
Gabriel Vinicius ClaudianoScientific Associate
Gustavo Lorencini Martins Pereira RodriguesScientific Instrumentation Supervisor
Joacir Edmir dos SantosTechnician
Joao Henrique RezendeScientific Associate
Leonardo Rodrigues DamazioTechnician
Lucas Monteiro VolpeScientific Associate
Lucas SanfeliciBeamline Support Groups Leader, Leader
Luiz Rafael do NascimentoTechnician
Mailson da Silva SouzaTechnician
Marlon Saveri SilvaScientific Associate
Matheus Henrique Siqueira da SilvaTechnician
Phellipe Dias AranhaTechnician
Renan Ramalho GeraldesEngineer
Ricardo Malagodi CaliariScientific Associate
Robert Henrique Cavalcanti dos SantosTechnician
Rodrigo Cesar GomesTechnician
Thais Cristina AlonsoScientific Associate
Willian Henrique WilendorfScientific Associate