Leader: Ruy Hanazaki do Amaral Farias

Number: +55 19 3512 1239

E-mail: ruy.farias@lnls.br

The Radiofrequency Group (RFQ) is responsible for the project, construction and maintenance of the radiofrequency systems of the accelerators that compose the synchrotron light source of the LNLS.

The RF system provides energy for the electrons during the process of acceleration and replenish the energy lost by them when they emit synchrotron light. The electrons gain energy when they interact with excited electric fields in devices such as RF cavities and accelerators structures, which are part of the vacuum chamber of the accelerator and through which the particles travel along their trajectory.

The RF systems role is to excite and keep the accelerating electrical field in the stability conditions demanded by the light source. In general, the RF systems are composed of three main subsystems: a low power system, which includes the control and the protection systems; a high power system, with the power amplifiers and transmission lines; and the resonant cavities or accelerators structures with their auxiliary systems.

The main activities of the group are connected to the project and integration of RF systems, designing and building or specifying and acquiring parts of the system, and to the maintenance of these systems. In special, the group has dedicated to the project of low power systems and of high power solid-state amplifiers.


Name Position
Andre Pontes Barbosa LimaScientific Associate
David DaminelliTechnician
Felipe Koji Godinho HoshinoScientific Associate
Felipe Santiago Pereira de OliveiraScientific Associate
Mark Hoffmann WallnerScientific Associate
Ranieri Ramires do Canto SantoTechnician
Ruy Hanazaki do Amaral FariasAccelerators Division Leader, Leader