Leader: Julio Criginski Cezar
Email: julio.cezar@lnls.br
Telephone : +55 19 3512 1292

Beamline Email: N/A
Beamline Telephone: +55 19 3512 1146

The PGM Beamline Group is responsible for managing and operating the PGM Beamline dedicated to soft X-rays spectroscopy in the current UVX synchrotron light source of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS).

The team of researchers and technicians are responsible for assembling the instrumentation necessary for performing the experiments. They are responsible for advising users in the operation of the equipment, collection of data and processing of the data obtained at the PGM beamline.


The PGM (Planar Grating Monochromator) beamline is an experimental station dedicated to X-ray Spectroscopy in the soft X-rays (100 to 1500 eV) energy range, with applications to the study of the electronic, magnetic and structural properties of materials. It is well equipped with in-situ preparation facilities, making it particularly suited for surface science and thin films characterization. In addition to that, it is offers instrumentation for microscopy and photoemission on liquids.



Name Position TelephoneEmailCV
Julio Criginski CezarResearcher, Leader+55 19 3512 1292julio.cezar@lnls.br
Anderson Hebert de Abreu GomesPost-Doc Fellow
Camili AmbrosioTechnician
Danian Alexandre DugatoPhd Student
Felipe Ferraz Morgado de OliveiraMaster Student
Felipe Luiz Alvares VitalMaster Student
Gabriel Pereira FreitasMaster Student
Horacio Ribeiro de MoraesTechnician
Jeovani BrandaoPost-Doc Fellow
Lucas Capel GodinhoMaster Student
Pedro Schio de Noronha MunizResearcher
Robert Prudencio AmaralPhd Student
Rodrigo dos Santos RodriguesPhd Student
Thiago Jose de Almeida MoriResearcher
Tulio Costa Rizuti da RochaResearcher+55 19 3512 1292tulio.rocha@lnls.br
Wendell Simoes E SilvaResearcher