Leader: Joao Roberto Costa

Number: +55 19 3512 1193

E-mail: joao.costa@lnls.br

The Machine Shop Group is responsible for the manufacturing of several components of the synchrotron light source UVX of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS), including components for the storage ring, beamlines, vacuum chambers and scientific instrumentation, in conformity to the projects presented by the LNLS groups.

The mechanic workshop has a continuous flux of activities, since it serves all of LNLS’ technical groups. However, some very special projects take the group out of its work routine. New beamlines, new devices for the experimental stations, improvements in the facilities and large-scale maintenance always give rise to projects. Currently, the group is dedicated to the development of prototypes for the new synchrotron light source Sirius.

For that, a recent improvement of the Machine Shop facilities was made. It focused in the acquisition of modern machines for the development and construction of high accuracy instrumentation for the storage ring of Sirius and of its beamlines.


Name Position
Allan Henrique Zanetti RodriguesTechnician
Antonio Ribeiro da SilvaTechnician
Aparecido Feliciano de OliveiraTechnician
Brendow Lucas Ribeiro da SilvaTechnician
Emerson Lopes TarginoWelder
Henrique Hallam Nunes de PaulaScientific Associate
Joao Roberto CostaLeader Specialist, Leader
Johnny Everton dos SantosTechnician
Jose Carlos LincheTechnician
Jose Silva Mendes MoreiraTechnician
Leonardo Bergamasco FrancoTechnician
Marcelo Marcos da SilvaTechnician
Odair Fagundes JacoTechnician
Otavio Paulo da SilvaTechnician
Paulo Sergio Antunes PereiraTechnician
Victor Marques TeixeiraTechnician