Leader: James Francisco Citadini

Number: +55 19 3512 1254

E-mail: james.citadini@lnls.br

The Materials Group (MAT) is responsible for the development and fabrication of components, both for the current synchrotron light source UVX and for the new synchrotron light source Sirius. Nowadays, the group dedicates around 95% of the time for the Sirius Project, developing and testing materials, qualifying special fabrication processes, designing and building ceramic and metal chambers for ultra-high vacuum, beam position sensors and other components.

The MAT acts as a support group to the other groups that integrate the UVX and Sirius projects, acting also in the qualification of providers and fabrication processes, through a solid and continuous process of interaction with outstanding Brazilian companies in their areas, such as Termomecânica, Engecer, Coorstek, Arcelor Mital, Nipotec and FCA Brasil.

Among the projects in development in the MAT group for the Sirius Project, it is possible to name the Beam Position Monitors (BPMs), the high vacuum brazing of Flanges and vacuum chambers, special vacuum Chambers in ceramic materials for the electron injection system and a prototype for monochromator mirrors.

Besides that, the MAT group offers support for companies engaged in the FAPESP-Finep program for the development of the new synchrotron light source Sirius, with technical support in the development and characterization of ceramics with special electrical properties, support and tests for the projects of additive manufacturing of materials for ultra-high vacuum.

The group also collaborates in the brazing area with the Instituto de Aeronáutica e Espaço – IAE / ITA.


Name Position
Daniel Yukio KakizakiTechnician
Felipe Eduardo ManoelScientific Associate
Fernanda Regina FranciscoSpecialist
James Francisco CitadiniEngineering Division Leader, Leader
Matheus William Amaro FeitosaTechnician
Osmar Roberto BagnatoSenior Technologist
Rafael DefavariEngineer
Ricardo Luiz PariseScientific Associate
Rogerio Dias RibeiroTechnician