Leader: Simone Bau Betim

Number: +55 19 3512 1184

E-mail: simone.betim@lnls.br

The Chemistry Labs Group (LQU) function is to offer and to manage the infrastructure of the User’s Chemistry Laboratory and the Internal Chemistry Laboratories. It is also responsible for training and technical support to users of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS), allowing them to work safely in the handling of chemical reagents and in the preparation and compliance of the samples with the different experimental techniques available at the LNLS’s beamlines.

In the User’s Chemistry Laboratory, the users have at their disposal a variety of equipment such as Exhauster Cabins, Scales, pHmeter, Baths, Furnaces, Centrifuges and some reagents.

The LQU team is also responsible for the management of the Internal Chemistry Laboratories (LQIs). The LQIs are intended to provide infrastructure for internal LNLS researchers in the research, development and improvement of new materials.


Name Position
Fabio Roberto ZambelloSpecialist
Luiz Fernando Magalhaes BalbinTechnician
Natalia Cristina MorenoTechnician
Simone Bau BetimLeader Specialist, Leader

LQU Safety Rules

  • To access and use the User’s Chemistry Laboratory (LQU), it is mandatory for the user to wear long sleeve apron, properly buttoned, long pants, fully closed shoes (including instep) and safety goggles, regardless of the performed activity or nature of the samples;
  • Manipulate chemical reagents with nitrile gloves (blue);
  • Do not answer the telephone or touch door handles, equipment, face or hair with contaminated gloves; Do not transit from one place to another wearing gloves;
  • Consider all chemical reagents to be hazardous and consult the Chemical Products Information Sheet (MSDS);
  • Take to the experimental stations (beamlines) only what is necessary for carrying out the experiments and according to the descriptions shown in the SAFETY SAMPLE, DEFAULTS AND ROUTINES sheet;
  • Manipulate samples and toxic and/or volatile solvents only in the fume hood;
  • If it is necessary to take solvents to the beamlines, they should be placed in a small sealed bottle as per orientation of a Chemist from the LQU team and of the Safety Rules;
  • Before manipulating a chemical reagent, read carefully the instructions (MSDS) and information shown on the product label;
  • Locate the fire extinguishers and in case of doubts ask for the advice of the Security Team;
  • Do not eat and/or drink in the laboratories and experimental stations (beamlines); It is forbidden to bring food and drinks inside the LQU. In the Experimental Hall there is a kitchen for storage of food and drinks and for having your meal;
  • Before preparing and mixing solutions and samples verify the chemical compatibility between the reagents;
  • Label any sample and/or solution prepared  (description of contents, name of responsible person, date and beamline);
  • Store samples, standards and chemical reagents in the LQU only during the experiment. After the experiments the researcher is responsible for the materials.
  • Label the residues as per Norm 04/2005;
  • Communicate any accident or irregularity to the Security Team.