Leader: James Francisco Citadini

Number: +55 19 3512 1254

E-mail: james.citadini@lnls.br

The Magnets Group is responsible for the design, construction, characterization and maintenance of electromagnetic, pulsed, permanent and superconductor magnets in operation in the current synchrotron light source UVX and for the new synchrotron light source Sirius.

In addition, among the activities of the group are the constant operation, maintenance and updating of the set of software and tools of the magnetic characterization systems. The group keeps its members up to date in control and automation solutions for several applications: servomotors, stepper motors, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controls), development in software, hydraulic system, etc.

The Magnets group is also responsible for the design and installation of the interlocking systems for Sirius, composed of the Machine Protection System and by the Personal Protection System. The maintenance and improvement of these subsystems in UVX and the future maintenances at Sirius are also part of the group activities.

The collaboration with other groups, and even companies, is very frequent in the areas of control, automation and in magnetic projects/characterizations. The biggest partnership managed today by the Magnets Group is the one with WEG Motors. WEG has been collaborating with the Sirius project in the construction of the magnets for the Booster, Storage Ring and Transport Lines. The collaboration deal foresees the construction of around 1000 magnet units (among quadrupoles, sextupolos, dipoles and orbit corrector).


Name Position
Ariane Cristina Taffarello CarreraScientific Associate
Davi Ramos CavalcanteTechnician
Fernanda Alves Menicucci PintoScientific Associate
Francisco Gabriel Rocha CarrerEngineer
Gilson Santos da SilvaTechnician
James Francisco CitadiniEngineering Division Leader, Leader
Leandro Amarantes SilveiraTechnician
Lidia Florenziano ToledoTechnician
Luana Nayara Pires VilelaScientific Associate
Lucas Igor BalthazarScientific Associate
Marcos PotyeSpecialist
Reinaldo BasilioSpecialist
Vitor Pereira SoaresScientific Associate
Washington Luis AndradeTechnician