Leader: Walter Marchesini Junior

Number: +55 19 3512 1155

E-mail: walter.junior@lnls.br

The Accelerator Operations Group (GOP) is responsible for the operation of the synchrotron light source UVX, 24/7, from Monday to Saturday. For this, the operators are capable to identify, diagnose and intervene in any machine subsystems, whenever necessary.

Currently, over 800 parameters are registered by the control system and other hundreds of parameters are generated by other subsystems. Anomalies are identified in the control room and, depending on their effect in the machine or in the synchrotron light beam, it becomes necessary to act promptly in order to solve or to work around the problem. Every anomaly in the performance of the machine is reported to a data bank of operation and, whenever needed, the information is passed on directly to the responsible for the subsystem. Some of the subsystems have backup equipment that are replaced by the operators in the moment of the failure.

The operation group also support the users in questions on the unavailability of the beamline due to some failure, on instabilities observed in the experiment, and on the operation of the machine.

For the new synchrotron light source Sirius, the operation group currently organizes and studies the subsystems and their relevant parameters for the operation, and for formulating procedures and supervision tools.


Name Position
Alex Nobre CavalcanteTechnician
Rone da Silva CastroTechnician
Wagner Luis Gomes BentoTechnician
Walter Marchesini JuniorLeader Specialist, Leader