Leader: Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Number: +55 19 3517 5075

E-mail: fernando.cardoso@lnls.br

The Beamline Electronics Group (GAE) offers a wide variety of engineering and maintenance services necessary for supporting the operation and development of all hardware in the facilities of the Scientific Division of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS).

The services include the design and installation of electrical and electronical infrastructure (cabling, racks, and panels), movement controls, automation systems and interlocking systems (for personal and equipment protection).

The GAE group works extensively in the optimization and maintenance of the LNLS’s current synchrotron light source UVX an also in the project of hardware systems to the new synchrotron light source Sirius. That includes electrical and electronical systems, movement controls, integration of commercial equipment, general automation and control, temperature control systems (for furnaces and air conditioning), monitoring cameras, structured cabling and finally the personal and equipment protection systems for the Sirius Beamlines.


Name Position
Adalberto Ferreira Melo FontouraScientific Associate
Claudio Henrique Rodrigues PortoTechnician
Fernando Henrique CardosoLeader Specialist, Leader
Henrique Ferreira CanovaScientific Instrumentation Supervisor
Leandro Martins dos SantosScientific Associate
Lucas Cordeiro de ArrudaTechnician
Matheus Pionorio CalcanhaTechnician
Mauricio Antonio PereiraTechnician
Mauricio Martins DonattiScientific Associate
Nayuki Pereira HaraTechnician
Romario Junior CruzTechnician