Leader: Liu Lin

Number: +55 19 3512 1047

E-mail: liu@lnls.br

The Accelerator Physics Group (FAC) of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS) studies the interaction of charged particle beams with the electromagnetic fields present in the accelerators that compose a Synchrotron Light Source.

To produce synchrotron light is necessary that an ultra-relativistic electron beam, that is, with velocity very close to the speed of light, be kept in stable conditions. The synchrotron light is emitted when these electrons are accelerated in curved trajectories. For this process to occur, a set of particles accelerators is used.  Both for the current synchrotron light UVX source and for the new synchrotron light source Sirius, the electrons are produced and accelerated in an injector system, composed of a linear accelerator and a circular accelerator. Next, they are kept in stable orbits in the main storage ring for many hours emitting the synchrotron light that is directed to the experiment stations, called beamlines.

The activities of the FAC group also involve the project of the accelerators, the specification of tolerances and parameters of the subsystems, and their commissioning and operation. For that, the group uses several optimization tools and dynamical simulations of ultra-relativistic electron beam in electromagnetic fields. The FAC also offers basic courses in Beam Dynamics, providing the theoretical foundation for others LNLS’s groups involved with accelerator engineering.


Name Position
Alexandre Beo da CruzGraduate Student
Ana Clara de Souza OliveiraScientific Associate
Fernando Henrique de SaSpecialist
Liu LinLeader Specialist, Leader
Murilo Barbosa AlvesScientific Associate
Ximenes Rocha ResendeSpecialist