Leader: Fabio Carlos Arroyo

Number: +55 19 3512 1240

E-mail: fabio.arroyo@lnls.br

The Pulse Power Supply Group (EPP) goal is to develop, build and maintain all the pulsed sources that compose the injection system of the current UVX synchrotron light source and for the new synchrotron light source Sirius.

The pulsed sources are used in the injection process to transfer the electron beam between the particle accelerators, from the linear accelerator (Linac), to the injector accelerator (Booster) and reaching the storage ring.

The combination of two pulsed magnets is used in order to inject electron beam in or extract it from the accelerators: septum and kicker. The septum magnet produces a strong magnetic field, with slower up and down transitions. Meanwhile the kicker magnet has the opposed behavior, producing a weak magnetic field, although with faster up and down transitions.

For the Sirius project, a new topology for injection in the storage ring is being developed, in order to attend to the stability and efficiency requirements during the injection process. The challenge here is to replace the conventional method of injection composed by four pulsed magnets, by a new method containing only on pulsed magnet. The results of this new concept will make injection in the storage ring cleaner and more efficient.

The EPP group is also responsible for the 62.5 MW power modulators, used in the polarization of the klystrons valves (radiofrequency amplifiers) of the Linac.


Name Position
Eduardo Kiyoshi de Carvalho E Silva HayashiSpecialist
Fabio Carlos ArroyoEngineer, Leader
Samuel de Sousa MoreiraTechnician