Leader: Cleber Rodrigues

Number: +55 19 3512 1162

E-mail: cleber.rodrigues@lnls.br

The High Power Electronics Systems Group (ELP) was created for designing and building the power sources for the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS) and keeping them operational. It is accomplished through corrective and preventive maintenance; by specifying components and equipment for purchase; creating and keeping documentation of the equipment under its responsibility; and doing tests and developing new technologies in power electronics.

For the synchrotron light source UVX, the ELP froup is also responsible for: over 200 DC current sources, with current between 5 and 300A, output voltage between 10 and 900V, power up to 270kW and accuracy from 10 to 1000ppm; 18 voltage sources for filament and valves reservoir Thyratrons and Klystrons; two source voltages of 300V/120kW for feeding of RF modules; around 200 high voltage sources for ion pumps and Cleaning Electrodes; 15 alternating voltage sources for titanium sublimators; and two electron guns of 80keV.

Currently the group works in the development of sources of current that will be used in the new synchrotron light source Sirius. It will be around 1000 units, with currents that can vary from 10 to 1100A and voltage between 10 and 900V, operating either in continuous (DC) or alternate (AC) regime. The control system of all these sources will be digital and will use standard hardware, with a different firmware for each application.


Name Position
Angelo Romeu da SilvaSpecialist
Bruno Edson LimeiraTechnician
Cleber RodriguesLeader Specialist, Leader
Gabriel Oehlmeyer BrunheiraEngineer
Gustavo Machado RogattoTechnician
Gustavo Rodrigues de OliveiraTechnician
Marcelo Guimaraes MartinsTechnician
Marlon Domingues de OliveiraTechnician
Rogerio Jose MarcondeliTechnician