Leader: Gustavo de Medeiros Azevedo
Email: gustavo.azevedo@lnls.br
Telephone: +55 19 3518 3192

Beamline Email: N/A
Beamline Telephone: + 55 19 3512 1141

The DXAS Beamline Group is responsible for managing and operating the DXAS Beamline dedicated to X-ray Absorption in the current UVX synchrotron light source of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS).

The team of researchers and technicians are responsible for assembling the instrumentation necessary for performing the experiments. They are responsible for advising users in the operation of the equipment, collection of data and processing of the data obtained in the DXAS beamline.


The DXAS beamline is an experimental station dedicated to dispersive x-ray absorption spectroscopy (acronym for DXAS) techniques, in the hard x-ray energy range (5 to 14 keV). The peculiarity of this beamline is the capability to collect absorption spectra over an extended range of photon energies without any mechanical movement of its optical elements. The DXAS is especially suited for detecting weak signals in XANES (X-ray Absorption Near-Edge Spectroscopy) and XMCD (X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism) experiments and for tracking time-dependent evolution of chemical reactions.



Name Position TelephoneEmailCV
Gustavo de Medeiros AzevedoResearcher, Leader+55 19 3518 3192gustavo.azevedo@lnls.br
Alexey Marques EspindolaScientific Instrumentation Supervisor
Amelie Claire RochetResearcher
Carlos Doro NetoScientific Associate
Daniela Coelho de OliveiraResearcher+55 19 3512 3549doliveira@lnls.br