Laboratório Nacional
de Luz Síncrotron





Leader: Jean Marie Polli
Telephone: +55 19 3512 3550

The Detectors Group (DET) function is to develop detectors for the current synchrotron light source UVX of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS), for the new light source synchrotron Sirius, and for external applications (medical, industrial, educational) through collaborations with industries and universities.

Currently, the group focuses in the development of expertise in the area of hybrid detectors formed by a semiconductor sensor and an integrated reading circuit CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor). This is achieved through the Medipix project, coordinated by CERN, with the LNLS as a member of Medipix3 collaboration.

The main scientific and technological challenges in the development of hybrid detectors are mounting the sensors with integrated circuits; hardware development, firmware and software for control of the chips; reading and processing data; and characterization of sensors based on semiconducting materials.

Besides the standard development detectors (front end, generic hardware and software) another mission of the group is to develop signal processing methods specific to a particular detection technique and based on models.


Name Position TelephoneEmailCV
Jean Marie PolliLeader Specialist+55 19 3512
Allan Gilmour Anderson JuniorScientific Associate
Debora de Paiva MagalhaesScientific Associate
Luciano Utrabo CamachoTechnician
Marcos Roberto Bissiano ErradaScientific Associate
William Roberto de AraujoScientific Associate