Sapê Beamline

SAPÊ (Angle-resolved PhotoEmission) is a beamline dedicated to high resolution ARPES (Angle-resolved Photoemission spectroscopy) experiments.

It will operate within vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) range of the electromagnetic spectrum, with photon energy between 8 eV and 70 eV. The beam is extracted from a B2 magnet and the photon energies are selected using a VLS-PGM. The micro-focus, with photon flux in the 1011photons per second, will allow the investigation of the electronic structure of samples or domains with area of 20×20 μm2.

It is important to point out that a preparation chamber is attached to the main chamber of the beamline main chamber to support the sample preparation through sputtering-annealing and cleaving process. The endstation consists of a set of chambers in ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) environment to maintain sample integrity after the preparation process.


Facility E-mail: sape@lnls.br

Coordination: Wendell S. E. Silva
Tel.: +55 19 3512 1042
E-mail: wendell.silva@lnls.br

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Element Type Position [m] Description
Source Bending Magnet 0.30 Dipole B2
M1 Mirror 10.60 Side-bounce Sagittal Cylinder
M2 Mirror 14.10 Side-bounce Meridional Cylinder
Grating Monochromator 22.22 VLS-PGM
M5 Mirror 33.19 Side-bounce Ellipsoidal


Parameter Value Condition
Energy range 8 – 60 eV
Energy resolution (ΔE/E) 10−4 – 10−3
Energy scanning Yes
Beam size 20×20 μm2
Beam divergence 17 mrad
Sample environments UHV enviroment with pressures better than 5×10-11 mbar. Temperatures from 16 K to 300 K