The main objective of this internal development program is to make available to researchers the appropriate optics to each beamline according to specification, both for the current synchrotron light source UVX and for the new synchrotron light source Sirius. This is achieved by applying techniques of optical metrology and the use and development of simulation software.

In optical metrology, measurements of the surface profile of the optical elements are made on all spatial frequencies with accuracy at the atomic scale. The new optical metrology laboratory is currently under construction. This state of the art lab is designed with mechanical and environmental stabilities that are better or similar to Sirius and equipment that will allow access to all the relevant scales for optical imperfections.

The optical systems of the beamlines are complex and need to be simulated and have their parameters (size and divergence, energy resolution, photon flux, coherence length, etc.) calculated and numerically optimized. All these parameters must be known and controlled so that scientists can perform their experiments. There are several simulation codes for these optical systems such as the SHADOW code for ray-tracking and the SRW for wave propagation. In addition to those, various tools and codes are developed in this program to meet the simulation requirements that are essential for the beamlines of fourth generation synchrotrons such as Sirius.