From October 20th, 2020, researchers of any field are invited to submit research proposals to use the MANACÁ beamline.

Researchers who wish to submit a research proposal to use the MANACÁ beamline in this call must have previous experience in using a synchrotron beamline and in protein crystallography.


Users will be able to submit their research proposals now and should have access to the facilities from November 2020.

It is important to keep in mind that Sirius is still in the commissioning and final assembly process. Tests on accelerators and the assembly of other beamlines impose limitations for carrying out experiments. At the moment, the synchrotron beam is not available full time at MANACÁ. In fact, the beamline does not yet operate under ideal conditions and does not reach its best performance foreseen in the project.

For the experiments of this call, the MANACÁ beamline operates at the following parameter values:

ParameterExpected ParamenterCurrent Condition
Energy Range [keV]6 to 209
Energy Resolution
[$\Delta E/E$]
$\approx 1 \times 10^{-4}$$\approx 1 \times 10^{-4}$
Beam size in the sample [$\rm \mu m^2$]$5 \times 10$ to $100 \times 100$$100 \times 100$
Photon flux in the sampleEstimated at more than $ 1\times10^{13}$ photons per second in the focus, with a current of 100mA.Estimated at approximately $10^{11}$ photons per second in the focus. Experiments performed in $\approx 6$ minutes, with $\approx 0.1$ second exposure for every 0.1 degree of rotation. Resolutions around 1.5 angstrom for the samples tested.

Any changes to these parameters will be updated in the table above and communicated to users who have approved research proposals.

Submission of Proposals

Proposals can be submitted at any time after the opening this special call, within the rules of fast-track proposal submission.

Research proposals must be submitted through the SAU Online system. To start the proposal submission process, the user must register on the SAU Online portal. To create a new account on the portal, the user must click on “Create a new SAU Online Account.” Upon first access, the user must provide personal and professional information.

Once registered in the SAU Online portal, the user must click on “Submit a new Proposal” and follow the instructions indicated. Once submitted, the proposal will be automatically forwarded to the User Support Service (SAU).

Proposal Review

The review committee for the proposals of this call will be formed by the scientific direction of the LNLS, which reserves the right to request external advice if necessary. After approval, beamtime will be allocated according to the availability of the beam in Sirius as well as the working conditions of the beamline.

After the approval of the research proposal, the user will receive instructions that must be followed prior the expriments.

Experiments Execution

For the execution of the experiments, due to the health crisis, only one user will be allowed per approved research proposal. The user will be assisted by the LNLS team during the experiment.

Sanitary Measures

In compliance with the sanitary measures to fight the pandemic, users allowed to the CNPEM campus must obey the safety instructions implemented on the campus. Amongst them:

  • Access to the campus only with prior authorization.
  • Entry and exit registration at the main gates.
  • Mandatory use of masks during the entire stay on campus.
  • Measurement of body temperature to access common areas.
  • Controlled circulation between facilities.
  • Restrictions on interpersonal contact.

User Support Services

Due to the exceptional nature of this submission of proposals and the sanitary measures necessary to fight the pandemic, users who have an approved proposal will not be offered the possibility of requesting financial assistance or using the CNPEM guesthouse. Likewise, the use of the campus cafeteria and restaurant will not be possible.


User Support Services (SAU) is the point of contact for national and international researchers who develop research proposals at CNPEM’s National Laboratories, from the submission of research proposals to their execution. If you have any question, contact:

Email: sau@cnpem.br

Phone: +55 19 3512 1025 / +55 19 3512 1021