Laboratório Nacional
de Luz Síncrotron



Job Opportunity for Researchers


For the x-ray powder diffraction beamline (XPD) at the LNLS


The candidate will be involved with the activities of the x-ray powder diffraction beamline (XPD) at the LNLS, including operation, user support, maintenance and commissioning of new instrumentation. Moreover, the candidate will be involved in the design, construction and future operation of the high-resolution powder X-ray diffraction beamline at Sirius (HARPIA). In addition, the researcher must develop his/her own research activities and supervise students and post-docs, in addition to participating in events and training connected to X-ray diffraction and/or synchrotron light techniques.


The candidate should value and wish to be part of the LNLS/CNPEM team in its mission in a multidisciplinary, multi-user and high-competence research center. The candidate must know how to work in a group, be willing to collaborate with the diversity of tasks that may arise, be willing to learn and teach at all times. The candidate should be comfortable with the mode of operation of LNLS and, in the future, Sirius, where experiments are performed 24 hours a day and sometimes on weekends.

  • Ph.D. degree in physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering, or a related field;
  • Post-doctoral experience in the field is desirable but not obligatory;
  • Experience in synchrotron science using X-ray techniques and/or instrumentation and their development;
  • The successful candidate should meet most of the following prerequisites (although candidates with expertise in other areas may also be considered): X-ray diffraction technique, Crystallography, powder diffraction and Rietveld refinement;
  • Advanced level English.
  • Knoledge in Linux and Python programming language.


The candidate must send an email to including “129374” in the subject line. The application must attach, in addition to the CV, a cover letter and a recommendation letter.