Laboratório Nacional
de Luz Síncrotron





Leader: James Rezende Piton
Telephone: +55 19 3512 1228

The Beamline Software Group (SOL) function is to structure and offer software services necessary for supporting the infrastructure, beamlines and laboratories of the Scientific Division of the Brazilian Synchrotron light Laboratory.

The great variety of equipment in the beamline require the movement of mechanical parts – in a soft, precise, repeatable and synchronized manner – controlled by many devices. The SOL group is responsible for providing the software necessary for integrating all those devices for the total control of the beamline.

Among its services, the group offers support in software for the integration of new equipment, both design and acquired, for the diagnose systems of the beamlines, for the interlocking systems and for the maintenance and improvement to the accelerator control of LNLS.


Name Position TelephoneEmailCV
James Rezende PitonLeader Specialist, Leader+55 19 3512
Dawood Awny Dawood AlnajjarSpecialist
Gabriel de Souza FedelScientific Associate
Gustavo Henrique Ornaghi AranhaScientific Associate
Lais Pessine do CarmoScientific Associate
Marcelo Alexandre Leite de MoraesScientific Associate



  • Development of the EPICS plugin for the internacional collaboration project MxCube, a tool for control and operation of synchrotron beamlines for macromolecular crystallography.
  • Development of faster data collection at the beamlines, with signals acquired in a time-paced way during the continuous displacement of mechanical devices (continuous scan or fly-scan).
  • Remote data visualization and processing in a GPU cluster for the LNLS X-Ray Microtomography Beamline (IMX)
  • Partnership for a PADEX service (Express High-Performance Data Processing) between LNCC (the Brazilian Computer Science Laboratory), RNP and LNLS, allowing the use of Santos-Dumont supercomputer by scientific applications developped at LNLS.


SOL: Visão Geral / Overview

Muitos monitores trazem uma visão geral de um experimento na operação de uma linha de luz.

Many displays in the operation of a beamline bring a quick overview of an experiment.

SOL: Controle / Control

Cada linha de luz tem um número de elementos para serem controlados - eixos de motor, detectores, conversores de aquisição de dados.

Every beamline has a number of elements to control - motor axes, detectors, data acquisition converters.

SOL: Parâmetros / Parameters

Para a configuração e visão geral de um experimento, a maioria do parâmetros são disponibilizados em uma tela.

For configuration and overview of an experiment, most parameters are made available on a screen.

SOL: Usuários / Users

Os usuários são rodeados por hardware de controle operado por software.

The users are surrounded by control hardware operated by software.

SOL: Controle Remoto / Remote Control

Os dispositivos experimentais são geralmente acondicionados em uma cabana fechada, de modo que o uso de controle remoto por software é obrigatória.

The experimental devices are usually in a closed hutch, so the use of remote control by software is mandatory.

SOL: Desenvolvimento / Development

Dispositivos comercialmente disponíveis e equipamentos projetados no LNLS são igualmente gerenciados por programas de computador desenvolvidos ou melhorados pelo Grupo SOL.

Commercially available devices and equipment projected at the LNLS are equally managed by computer programs developed in or improved by the Beamline Software Group.